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Perfumes for men - At Tryasample we are proud to present Denmark’s largest selection of perfumes for men. Here in the category you will find several thousand different men's fragrances, all of which are aimed at men who want a good scent – also in everyday life. Of course you will find well-known fragrances from all well-known perfume manufacturers, which are also known from the fashion world – Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Givinchy, Thierry Mugler, Elisabeth Arden, Armaf. All are well represented in the men perfumes category. Note that these are original perfumes in truly exclusive packaging - the only difference being that the prices are well below what you would normally have to pay for these branded products. Cool prices will be the cheapest. That's why we offer a 30-day full price guarantee on all perfumes. Remember that we offer free shipping when you order over 50EUR.

Parfums for Men - originating in a religious phenomenon

As far back as ancient Egypt, both men and women enjoyed using fragrances. Originally, perfumed oils, incense and ointments were used to enhance fragrance. The Egyptians used incense in religious ceremonies, believing that the scented smoke would allow them to communicate with the gods.

The word perfume actually comes from this activity, the Latin word “per fumum” means “through smoke”. It evolved into the word perfume as we use it today.

The scents also had uses other than in a religious context. They were also used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. The perfumed essential oils contained myrrh, frankincense, rose and peppermint – everything to attract the attention of the opposite sex in the best possible way.

The scents spread

Also glass VAR invented by the Egyptians. And they soon found a way to fill the liquid perfumes into glass bottles, which quickly took on impressive shapes and colors.

The Egyptians also invented glass, and so VAR was the first to fill liquid perfumes into beautiful glass flacons.

After the Egyptians, the Greeks became interested in perfume and the culture spread further after the Roman invasion of Greece. At the same time, perfume was introduced in a religious context to both Muslim, Chinese and Indian cultures.

The interest in perfumes for men – and also for women – declined sharply in connection with the fall of the Roman Empire and was further weakened by the advent of Christianity in Europe. In fact, interest only reappeared in the 13th century in connection with the great trade voyages. It was here that the famous merchant ships brought home scents and spices from the East, leading to VAR to spark interest

In fact, we have to go back to the 17th century before men's perfumes really became a Stor thing – not least in the upper class in France. New, exciting fragrances were constantly appearing and not only men's and women's skin was perfumed, but also furniture, fans and clothes. Perfume VAR was so popular with nobility and royalty, and the court of Louis 15th became 'The Perfumed Court' named because perfumes are found throughout the king’s palaces VAR .

Fashion houses develop perfumes for men

In the 18th century VAR men's perfume was a luxury item that few could afford. But manufacturers are beginning to experiment with the composition of essences and oils.

At the same time, you will acquire advanced chemical knowledge. This leads to the development of non-greasy fragrances. They can also be sprayed directly onto the skin. In fact, the first real perfume houses in Paris, Houbigant, Lubin and Guerlain, were created during this period.

The focus on personal hygiene gradually emerged in the 19th century. At the same time, they learn how to create synthetic fragrances, while the new technology facilitates the extraction of essential oils and essences.

One means that perfumes for both men and women can now be marketed at prices that not only the rich and affluent can afford. The fashion houses Chanel, Dior and Nina Ricci enter the market with their unique perfumes. The most famous women's perfume in the world, Chanel No.5, dates from this period.

Use the search function - find your favorite scent

Since then it's only been going in one direction – up, up, up. The perfume industry has literally exploded and today we have a perfume market with over 30,000 designer fragrances. It certainly doesn't stop there. The perfume industry was also boosted by fashion, music and sports celebrities who launched their very own range of fragrances. Jennifer Lopez, Brittney Spears and David Beckham are good examples.

Of course you won't find all 30,000 fragrances here at Tryasample. But at least there are several thousand different ones, which is why you will definitely find one or more fragrances that suit your taste in our extensive selection of exclusive perfumes for men.

The men's perfumes category gives a good overview of what the industry has to offer – both original perfumes from well-known fashion brands and similar imitations at prices where there is even more money to save. We can also love that in most cases the clones are so close to the original scents that it can be very difficult to smell the difference.

Of course, with such a large selection of men's fragrances, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of all the chrome. Therefore, we would also recommend that you use the search function at the top of the page to find exactly the men's perfume that suits your taste. For example, you can search for product names, manufacturer names and, of course, you can also search if you know the name of the men's perfume that you are specifically looking for.


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