Order status - Item with extended delivery time (remote stock) 


If you have ordered a product and have not yet received it, this may be due to the following reasons:
If you have ordered a product with a longer delivery time, we will not be able to deliver it within 3-6 working days.
The delivery time will be the one described on the product page of the product in question.
You will receive an email when the parcel will be shipped.
As soon as the parcel arrives in your country, you will receive your track and trace number by email.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die angegebene Lieferzeit in Werktagen berechnet wird.
Therefore, we recommend that you generally check the delivery time for your ordered products on the individual product pages.
Please note that the indicated delivery time is calculated in working days.
If you have ordered several products with different delivery times - the products will be dispatched together based on the longest delivery time
If you want a partial delivery, we recommend that you place two orders
The remote storage delivery time stated on the product page is the extra delivery time, and the remote storage time must always be added 3-6 days.

Below is an example of what a product with an extended delivery time would look like. The delivery time here will be 5-10 working days + 3-6 additional working days

We therefore ask you to be patient and wait a few days in the first instance - also because the shipping may be subject to delays.
If you have not received your parcel within the indicated delivery time, please contact us.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay.


Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I receive the product faster?
Unfortunately, this is not possible as the product is not in stock and therefore has to be ordered. The delivery time will therefore be the one indicated on the product.

2. Can I expect the parcel to arrive after the number of days indicated?
As soon as you place your order, we will organize the delivery process. You will then receive your parcel after the specified number of (working) days.
In rare cases, the parcel may be taken to customs for inspection. In this case, the parcel will have to go through customs clearance, and this can sometimes delay the delivery, but it rarely happens.
The advantage of the customs check is that the product is checked for counterfeiting and that it meets EU standards. 98% of parcels with extended delivery times are delivered on time.

3. Do I have to pay customs duties and VAT myself?
When you receive the parcel, customs duties, VAT, and any other taxes have already been paid. The cost is included in the total price of the parcel.

4. What is the procedure if I order a stock product or an item with an extended delivery time?
To keep delivery costs down, we ship all your ordered products together when they are ready.
If you want your stock products to be delivered immediately, we recommend that you place two separate orders - one for the stock products and one for the products with extended delivery times.

5. Will I receive an e-mail when the parcel is shipped from your warehouse abroad?
Yes, you will receive an e-mail when the parcel will be shipped. As soon as the parcel arrives in your country, you will receive your track and trace number by email.

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